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  • 🐙 Octopus brings smarter AI agents to mobile

  • 💼 Tech companies form consortium to allay fears of AI job takeovers

  • 🤖 YouTube warning to OpenAI over Sora’s training data

  • 💰 Google Contemplates AI-Powered Premium Content Paywall

  • 🤝 Alphabet to buy HubSpot

  • ⚡ 5 Quick AI News Roundup

  • 🤯 6 new AI Tools

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Elon Musk said Tesla is boosting compensation for its AI engineers to combat aggressive recruiting and massive offers from OpenAI, calling it the “craziest talent war” he has ever seen. Musk and OpenAI continue to battle, with the billionaire filing a lawsuit last month.

Stanford researchers just introduced Octopus v2, a new framework for on-device AI agents that outperforms GPT-4 in accuracy by fine-tuning language models with special functional tokens.

Big tech including Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel formed the AI-Enabled ICT Workforce Consortium, seeking to address concerns about AI’s impact on jobs.

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan's warning to OpenAI about using YouTube content in their AI, Sora, has sparked a big issue. This comes at a time when Google, YouTube's parent company, is dealing with its own legal problems for similar reasons.

Google is reportedly exploring a new business model that includes charging for premium AI-generated content. This move, if realized, would mark a significant pivot in Google's traditionally ad-supported revenue model, reflecting the growing importance of AI in shaping future digital services.

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