Sam Altman needs $7 trillion for AI chip factory

汙Plus: Super Bowl Commercial Mocks AI

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In today's edition:

  • 橘 AiSee: New tool for visually impaired people to see

  • 儭 Google Deepmind Develops Grandmaster-level Chess AI

  • Enabling AI to understand long videos

  • OpenAI to hit $2B thanks to ChatGPT

  • 46 startups at Y Combinator working on AI products

  • Google pledges $26.98M to boost EU AI skills

  • Goody-2: The new AI too ethical to discuss

  • Super Bowl Commercial Mocks AI

  • 5 Quick AI News Roundup

  • A.I. Tools and News

  • 潘 A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is in talks with investors to raise up to $7 trillion for AI chip manufacturing. The project aims to address GPU scarcity as the chips are crucial for training and running large language models

This makes Sam Altmans idea and the semiconductor industry in particular, something really interesting to watch in 2024:

Nvidia has introduced "Chat with RTX," an early demo app allowing users to run a personal AI chatbot on their PCs, capable of summarizing YouTube videos and documents and providing relevant answers based on personal data.

OpenAI just launched a new experiment to select users, enabling ChatGPT to remember key details from prior chats, aiming to provide more helpful and personalized responses in future conversations.

Cohere researchers just introduced Aya, a multilingual AI model that expands capabilities across 101 languages, 50% of which are lower-resourced significantly expanding coverage while maintaining effectiveness.

In this directory, you can search for YC companies by industry, region, company size, and more.

GOODY-2 is a new AI model built with next-gen adherence to our industry-leading ethical principles. Its so safe, it wont answer anything that could be possibly be construed as controversial or problematic.

In a clever Super Bowl ad for Despicable Me 4, Illumination and Universal Pictures take a playful swipe at AI-generated images. Narrated by Jon Hamm, the ad starts with odd AI creations only to reveal Minions behind the chaos

OpenAIs revenues have surpassed $2B, putting it among one of the fastest-growing technology companies that have posted revenues of $1B within a decade of being founded.

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Create your own AI agents WITHOUT CODE!!

A robot that can learn to open most types of doors, cabinets, drawers and refrigerators without human direction may pave the way for your future robot butler

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AI Ethics

Over 200 leading technology companies, including well-known names like Meta, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, have come together in a new group called the US AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC).

AI News Roundup

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Twitter threads

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  3. AIApply: Revolutionizing the Way You Work with Cutting-Edge Technology.

  4. Figr AI - A model to turn ideas into product design.

  5. Rizzle AI - An AI-driven video creation platform.

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A.I. Generated Image of the Day

I asked chatGPT to create cyberpunk 8-bit/pixelated versions of ancient places in DALL繚E 3. The results are wonderful. (source)

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