🤯 Sam Altman: GPT-4 dumbest AI model

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  • 🔒 Microsoft bans police from using facial recognition

  • 🔍OpenAI To Launch Search Engine

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  • 🚗Tesla’s next-gen Dojo AI training tile is in production

  • 💡 AI Tutorial: Convert a script into a speech in seconds

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According to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, GPT-4 is by far the dumbest AI model that humans have to use compared to what's coming in the future.

Sam quotes "I don't care if we burn $50 billion a year, we're building AGI and it's going to be worth it"

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Microsoft steps up its rules, banning US police from using generative AI for facial recognition. Updated Azure OpenAI Service terms now clearly prohibit US police facial recognition use.

Newly discovered OpenAI data logs are fueling speculation that the company is set to launch an AI-powered search engine on May 9th to compete with Google.

Just days after GitHub's Copilot Workspace launch, Tabnine and Atlassian are adding to the growing number of AI-powered support tools available to developers.

Tesla’s next-gen Dojo AI training tile is in production, according to supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC). Tesla has been heavily investing in AI training compute power both through buying NVIDIA hardware and building its own under its Dojo program.

AI Tutorial

Convert a script into a speech in seconds.

We'll be using Parler-TTS, a free text-to-speech model that can generate high-quality, natural-sounding speech in the style of a given speaker.

  1. The Parler-TTS model is available on the Hugging Face website

  2. Write your text prompt and the description of the voice you'd like

You can find examples if you scroll down

  1. You can also find tips on the same page to ensure you get exactly what you want

  1. Once you are done just click on the "Generate Audio" button and wait for the audio to be generated.

  2. Listen to the generated audio, and if necessary, make changes to the prompt or voice descriptions. You can then download or share it

🔥AI Tools to supercharge your productivity

  1. Auto Streamer, your digital alchemist turning ideas into engaging learning experiences

  2. BeeDone is an innovative productivity app that marries AI technology with the art of gamification

  3. Lewis is an AI-powered, prompt-based storytelling and content creating platform

  4. OnlyChar AI - Chat with your favorite AI characters in NSFW. Uncensored 40,000+ characters.  

  5. AI Icon Generator, an intuitive platform that seamlessly transforms your textual ideas into bespoke icons

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A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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