🤖 OpenAI launched ChatGPT-4o

🦾Plus: Google DeepMind's indestructible robot hand?

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  • 🎧 Meta developing AI-powered ‘Camerabuds’

  • 📸 Google teases new camera-powered AI feature

  • 🤖 Google DeepMind's indestructible robot hand?

  • 📞 Google 3D calls coming in 2025

  • 💡 AI Tutorial: Create a website in seconds with AI

  • ⚡ 5 Quick AI News Roundup

  • 🤯 6 new AI Tools

  • 🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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OpenAI launched GPT-4o. It’s a new multimodal AI model that processes audio, vision, text, and video in real-time.  You can watch OpenAI’s full demo here.

The new model:

  • GPT-4o provides improved performance across text, vision, audio, coding, and non-English generations, smashing GPT-4T’s performance.

  •  The new model is 50% cheaper to use, has 5x higher rate limits than GPT-4T, and boasts 2x the generation speed of previous models.

  • The new model was also revealed to be the mysterious ‘im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot’ found in the Lmsys Arena last week.

Free for everyone:

  • GPT-4o, GPTs, and features like memory and data analysis are now available to all users, bringing advanced capabilities to the free tier for the first time.

  • The GPT-4o model is currently rolling out to all users in ChatGPT and via the API, with the new voice capabilities expected to arrive over the coming weeks

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Meta is reportedly in the early stages of developing AI-powered earphones, known internally as "Camerabuds,” — aiming to compete with OpenAI and Apple as tech giants rush to infuse AI into wearable devices.

Google is teasing an intriguing new AI feature one day ahead of its I/O developer conference. The company shared a brief video on X that appears to show a new camera-powered AI feature that’s able to recognize what’s in the frame in real time.

Google DeepMind is testing a highly durable robot hand designed to withstand extreme damage during the AI training process. This latest robotic hand developed by the UK-based Shadow Robot Company can go from fully open to closed within 500 milliseconds and perform a fingertip pinch with up to 10 newtons of force.

Google kicked off its flagship developer conference (Google I/O 2024) with news that Project Starline—a video call system that makes remote interactions as natural as face-to-face conversations—will land next year (first announced at Google I/O 2021).

AI Tutorial

🖥️ Create a website in seconds with AI

The Rundown: Gamma’s free AI website builder helps users create websites in seconds by simply describing what they want – no coding skills required.


  1. Head over to Gamma and sign up for free.

  2. On the left-hand menu, select “Sites” and then press “Create Site”

  3. You’ll be directed to a menu where you can either choose a given prompt or describe your website in detail.

  4. Pick your theme, edit it as much as you want with its no-code interface, and hit “Publish”.

Hot tip: Gamma can also generate images for your website!

🔥AI Tools to supercharge your productivity

  1. Auto Streamer, your digital alchemist turning ideas into engaging learning experiences

  2. BeeDone is an innovative productivity app that marries AI technology with the art of gamification

  3. Lewis is an AI-powered, prompt-based storytelling and content creating platform

  4. QRCode.ing - Unlock limitless creativity with our innovative QR Code generator.

  5. Happily.ai, we’re dedicated to transforming workplaces through innovative AI-driven solutions.

  6. CopyTruck is a state-of-the-art AI tool tailored to boost your LinkedIn presence

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⚡️Quick AI News Roundup

🤖Prompt Engineering

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