🤖 OpenAI dissolves AI safety team

🦾Plus: 💻 Hugging Face $10 million in free shared GPUs.

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  • 🍎 Apple and OpenAI plan major announcement

  • 👁️ DINO 1.5 advances AI object detection

  • 🎧 AI-powered noise-filtering headphones?

  • 💻 Hugging Face committed $10 million in free shared GPUs.

  • 💡 AI Tutorial:Easily ingest user data for your AI app

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  • 🤯 6 new AI Tools

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OpenAI has reportedly effectively dissolved its AI safety team focused on long-term risks, following the departure of key leaders Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike last week. The Superalignment team, formed less than a year ago to ensure the safety of future AI systems, will reportedly be integrated into broader research efforts.

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As reported by Bloomberg, Apple and OpenAI are planning a major joint announcement at WWDC on June 10th to bring OpenAI’s AI tech to iOS 18. Apple recognizes the need for a chatbot to compete with rivals but believes its own genAI tech isn't advanced enough.

IDEA Research just unveiled Grounding DINO 1.5, a set of AI models that can accurately detect and ID objects in images and videos without specified training.

Noise-canceling headphones are a godsend for living and working in loud environments. They automatically identify background sounds and cancel them out for much-needed peace and quiet.

Hugging Face, one of the biggest names in machine learning, is committing $10 million in free shared GPUs to help developers create new AI technologies. The goal is to help small developers, academics, and startups counter the centralization of AI advancements.

AI Tutorial

💻 Easily ingest user data for your AI app

The Rundown: Paragon allows users to build useful AI SaaS products by easily extracting users’ data from 100+ sources and adding it to their multi-tenant RAG pipeline.

Here is a quick step-by-step:

  1. Head over to Paragon to sign up for free.

  2. Select the data source (e.g., Notion, Google Drive, CRMs, etc.) and build your initial ingestion job by defining the workflow.

  3. Build background jobs for real-time updates via managed webhooks or CRON jobs and embed the white-labeled authentication modal in your app via the SDK.

  4. Inject the data chunks into your initial prompt and pass it on to your LLMs to generate the final response!

🔥AI Tools to supercharge your productivity

  1. Kafkai is an AI Writer Assistant that offers a unique and readable content generation solution.

  2. Texta is an AI-powered content generation tool that helps users create high-quality, SEO-optimized content with ease.

  3. Sapien- help organizations prepare data for AI training via a consumer game that empowers labellers to work

  4. 📈 hoopsAI: Stay Informed with Market Insights and Updates. 

  5. Sensey is a platform that enriches market and competitive data with AI.

  6. Robopic by StackForward LLC transforms your digital photography experience

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⚡️Quick AI News Roundup

🤖Prompt Engineering

 Helping Deal with Team Conflicts

I need advice on resolving conflicts within a diverse team. We have people from different cultural backgrounds, and sometimes misunderstandings arise due to differences in communication styles or cultural norms. How can I mediate these conflicts and foster a more inclusive environment?

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