🤖 OpenAI is developing two AI agents

🦾Plus: 🤖 IBM leads AI patent race, Bumble’s new AI tool

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In today's edition: 🔥

  • 🏈 Copilot heads to the Super Bowl

  • 🍎 Apple unveils AI model for image editing

  • 👩 Ai tool For visionary women

  • 👩‍💻Bumble’s new AI tool to blocks scam accounts

  • 🌟Microsoft plans to train 2M Indians in AI, says Nadella.

  • 🤖OpenAI forms a new team to study child safety

  • 🤝 Microsoft teams up with media startups

  • 🤖Google's New Imagen 2 is here!!

  • ⚡ 5 Quick AI News Roundup

  • 🤯 A.I. Tools and News

  • 🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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The company is developing two distinct types of agents: one that facilitates web-based tasks, and another, more revolutionary type, that would interact directly with a user's computer.

Microsoft celebrated Copilot’s one-year anniversary with several major updates, including a new-look interface, in-line image editing, ‘Designer GPT’ integration, and more — alongside the release of the company’s upcoming Super Bowl ad.

Apple and UC Santa Barbara researchers just released MGIE, an open-source AI system for editing images via natural language commands.

Femularity is a collaborative mastermind community to forge deep connections, built for women who love AI.

Bumble announced today that it’s launching a new AI-powered feature that is designed to help identify spam, scams and fake profiles. The new tool, called Deception Detector, aims to take action on malicious content before Bumble users ever come across it.

Microsoft’s prescient bets and aggressive investments in AI have propelled the software giant to become the world’s most valuable company. Yet Satya Nadella, its typically reserved chief executive, couldn’t resist landing a gloved jab at the rest of the industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has propelled tech giants like IBM, Google, and Microsoft to the forefront of GenAI patent applications, as revealed by a recent study from IFI Claims, a leading patent data provider. IBM, with 1,591 applications, notably outpaces its competitors, holding three times more than Google in second place, while other key players like Samsung, Adobe, Intel, Capital One, and Baidu also make the top 10 list.

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Google's New Imagen 2 is here!!

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🧠AI Ethics

AI-generated imagery and other forms of deepfakes depicting child sexual abuse (CSA) could be criminalized in the European Union under plans to update existing legislation to keep pace with technology developments, the Commission announced today.

⚡️AI News Roundup

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A.I. Generated Image of the Day

Midjourney v6 to completely reimagine famous ancient places in an “Art Deco” style. The results are excellent. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Shangri-La(source)