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🦾Plus: 🚨 OpenAI co-founder quits

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In today's edition: 🔥

  • 🎥 Google’s Gemini updates and Sora competitor Veo

  • 🌍 Expedia Tests AI Features

  • 🔎 Project Astra is the future of AI at Google

  • 🚨 OpenAI co-founder quits

  • ⚡ 5 Quick AI News Roundup

  • 🤯 6 new AI Tools

  • 🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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Google held its I/O event this year, focusing heavily on Google’s Gemini AI models and how they’re being integrated into apps like Workspace and Chrome, all in an effort to compete with major AI leaders like OpenAI.

Key Points:

  1. Project Astra: Google’s ultimate AI assistant that can see and reason about what's around you. It’s similar to ChatGPT-4o and might power a future pair of glasses. Watch the demo above.

  2. Veo, Google’s new AI video generator. We would be impressed if it weren’t for Sora, OpenAI’s (far superior) text-to-video model.

  3. Imagen 3, Google’s newest text-to-image model. Genuinely impressed by this one. The people look very, very real

  4. Music AI Sandbox, Google’s take on creating music using AI.

  5. NEW MODELS for the geeks:

    1. Gemini 1.5 Flash—a smaller, speedier version of Gemini 1.5 Pro.

    2. Gemma 2—Google’s best open-source models.

    3. PaLI-3—a fresh open-source vision model.

    4. Gemini Live—a talking feature for Gemini similar to ChatGPT Voice Mode coming later this year.

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Google just kicked off its I/O Developer’s Conference, announcing a wide array of updates across its AI ecosystem — including enhancements across its flagship Gemini model family and a new video generation model to rival OpenAI’s Sora.

Expedia is testing AI tools to improve travel searches, planning, and real-time updates. Expedia launches AI assistant Romie. Features include smart searches, real-time updates. Limited testing for U.S.-based users via EG Labs.

Google just showcased its new AI agent project ‘Project Astra’, alongside a slew of updates to infuse AI across search and enable Gemini to reason and take more advanced actions for users.

OpenAI co-founder and Chief Scientist—Ilya Sutskever—has quit, just one day after the launch of GPT-4o, its newest AI model.

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  3. CopyTruck is a state-of-the-art AI tool tailored to boost your LinkedIn presence

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  5. Marketing GPTs: Save time on daily marketing tasks

  6. Morph 1.0: AI-powered BI dashboard across your SaaS data

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