👩‍💻 Google Developing Paid 'Bard Advanced' AI

🦾Plus: 🔘 Microsoft adds AI button to keyboards

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  • 🧱 Build your own ChatGPT next week

  • 🦾 Google wrote a ‘Robot Constitution’

  • 🤯 Perplexity AI Is Beating Google At Its Game

  • 📱 Galaxy AI smartphones are coming

  • 👀 Google working on a paid version of Bard

  • 💰 PerplexityAI now valued at $520M

  • 🔘 Microsoft adds AI button to keyboards

  • ⚡ 5 Quick AI News Roundup

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OpenAI plans to launch its previously teased GPT store next week, the company just announced in an email to developers — allowing users to easily share, discover, and profit from custom GPT creations.

Newly discovered code and screenshots suggest Google is working on a paid "Bard Advanced" option powered by its top-tier AI model Gemini Ultra, along with new customization features.

Microsoft has introduced a new feature for Windows keyboards—the Copilot key—which activates the Copilot service, bringing AI to action in the blink of an eye.

💡 Tip of the Day

A new research paper (PDF) is published, outlining the best way to maximize ChatGPT prompts. These principles, now proven by this research, can improve the responses by 50%. For the full research and instruction list, click on the image below. 👇

Apples New Mutlimodal AI BEATS GPT-4 Vision

Josh Wolf's analysis of OpenAI's GPT Builder showcases its responsive, adaptive design. In this post, Josh gives a detailed walkthrough of the prompt, how he gained access to it, and what prompt design principles can be learned from it.

The DeepMind robotics team has revealed three new advances that will help robots make faster, better, and safer decisions in the wild. One involves a system for gathering training data with a set of safety-focused prompts instructing the model to avoid choosing tasks that involve humans, animals, sharp objects, and electrical appliances.

The News: Perplexity AI, a new kind of search engine, just got a lot of money - $73.6 million! This makes the company worth $520 million. Even though it's new (started in August 2022), it's already doing big things in search. Perplexity AI is different because you can talk to it like a friend and ask questions. It then gives you answers with where it got the information from

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🧠AI Ethics

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform our world, revolutionize industries, and shape our daily lives. However, the current trajectory of AI development and deployment raises concerns about data privacy, security, and equitable access.

🧠AI Use Case

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark certainly seem to think so. In a paper published in Nature less than a month ago, the researchers claim that they’ve created an AI model that can predict a broad spectrum of life outcomes, ranging from early mortality to personality nuances.

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📸 Deepfakes: How Nikon, Sony and Canon are working together.

💰 Perplexity AI: A $74M raise to compete with Google and Microsoft, now valued at $520M.

🤖Prompt Engineering

Best Prompt for improving sales calls

1. You want to improve your sales calls and increase your conversion rate. Discuss strategies and techniques you would employ, such as thorough preparation, active listening, effective questioning, addressing objections, showcasing product/service value, and employing persuasive closing techniques to enhance your sales call effectiveness.

🔥AI Tools to supercharge your productivity

  1. 3D image generator There’s a new AI tool which you can turn the 2D images into 3D.

  2. 🛠️ Radaar - Social media manage tool with AI features

  3. 👩‍⚕️ ScribeMD - Chrome extension for doctors

  4. 🏋🏼‍Impakt - Your AI fitness coach

  5. 📰 Fintool - AI tool for analysing financial news

  6. Lexica, an AI tool that helps you generate thumbnails for blogs.

  7. Rewin- Turn Your Favorite Video Content Into Unique, Engaging Scripts and Transform Yourself into a Content Creation Powerhouse

  8. Kafkai is an AI Writer Assistant that offers a unique and readable content generation solution.

  9. Lynn is the AI support partner that understands the complexities of modern customer support.*

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