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🦾Plus: 🤖 Apple's first AI model revealed

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In today's edition: 🔥

  • 🤩 Apple unveils new MM1 AI models

  • 🎥 Google’s VLOGGER brings avatars to life

  • 🤖Apple's collaboration with Gemini AI engine in iPhones

  • 🤖Mercedes is trialing humanoid robots

  • 🖥️IBM Refreshes Its Vela Research AI Supercomputer

  • ⚡ 5 Quick AI News Roundup

  • 🤯 6 new AI Tools

  • 🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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📰 Top AI News

Apple researchers just published a new paper unveiling MM1, a family of multimodal AI models that combine visual and language understanding to enable advanced capabilities. The new family of multimodal AI models that can compete with GPT-4V and Google Gemini.

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Elon Musk and xAI just released the weights and architecture of its massive 314B parameter language model, Grok-1, under an open-source Apache 2.0 license.

Google researchers just developed VLOGGER, a new AI model that can generate photorealistic talking avatar videos with full upper body motion from just a still image and audio clip.

Tech giants Apple and Google are possibly on the verge of joining forces. Apple, in search of a formidable ally in the world of AI, has shown interest in Google's Gemini project. Such a partnership could significantly enhance the capabilities of Apple's iOS 18 for the iPhone by incorporating next-generation AI features

Mercedes will initially examine how well Apptronik’s Apollo robot delivers parts to human production line workers.

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⚡️Quick AI News Roundup

Which tools are worth paying for in 2024 (ChatGPT Pro, Phind Pro, Claude Pro, Perplexity Pro, etc).

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A.I. Generated Image of the Day

I used Midjourney v6 to imagine famous people in an aesthetic inspired by Wes Anderson films.. ( source)

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