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  • 🎙️ The Real Voice Behind Sky

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  • 🎬 Meta and Google woo Hollywood

  • 💥 $6M fine for Biden robocall

  • 💡 AI Tutorial: How to access the new Google Gemini Flash model

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Elon Musk recently shared his vision at VivaTech 2024 in Paris: AI will eventually make traditional jobs optional. He suggested that instead of universal basic income, there would be a "universal high income" to ensure people can access goods and services provided by AI and robots.

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The Washington Post reveals documents from OpenAI showing the voice for Sky was recorded well before any contact with Scarlett Johansson. According to sources, neither Johansson nor her film "Her" were mentioned in briefings. The job posting specified a non-union actress with a voice that is warm, engaging, and charismatic, sounding between 25 and 45 years old.

AI-powered app Arc Search just introduced ‘Call Arc’, a new feature enabling users to get quick answers by holding their phone to their ear and asking a question.

Meta and Google are offering Hollywood studios millions of dollars with the hope of striking licensing deals that could improve their models for AI-generated video, according to a new report in Bloomberg Netflix and Disney are considering other partnerships. Warner Brothers Discovery may license content.

Steve Kramer—the political consultant who sent AI-generated robocalls to New Hampshire voters, mimicking President Biden’s voice telling them “not to vote”, ahead of the presidential elections—faces a huge fine and criminal charges.

AI Tutorial

How to access the new Google Gemini Flash model

Just some days ago, Google introduced Gemini 1.5 Flash a lightweight model, optimized for speed and efficiency that also features multimodal reasoning and a long context window of up to one million tokens.

Here’s how you can try this new model:

  1. Go to Google AI Studio and log in with your Google account.

  2. Select "Gemini 1.5 Flash" from the list of models on the right.

  1. Enter your prompt and click "Run." Additionally, you can upload images, audio, or video by clicking on the plus icon on the left.

🔥AI Tools to supercharge your productivity

  1. Alice - A native app that offers fast and reliable experience with models (OpenAI, Perplexity, Claude and more)

  2. Linktopia - Community link-building for bloggers, entrepreneurs and startup brands to grow  

  3. VerifactAI is an AI fact-checking tool that allows you to fact-check your articles within a minute.

  4. Undress AI Tool is a website that offers a deepnude application, allowing users to create modified images

  5. Screenloop is the ultimate Talent Operations Platform, seamlessly integrating a next-gen ATS

  6. Postlyy - All in one platform to create, schedule, and analyze content on X and LinkedIn

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⚡️Quick AI News Roundup

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