🤖 Boston Dynamics reveals the new Atlas robot

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Credit: Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has introduced a new all-electric version of its humanoid robot,, Atlas, a day after announcing the retirement of its hydraulic predecessor. This next-generation robot features redesigned swiveling joints and a greater range of movement, aimed at efficiently performing dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks.

Spotify’s AI DJ raised the bar for music streaming, and now Amazon Music is throwing its hat into the ring with Maestro. This new AI-powered playlist feature is currently rolling out in beta to select Amazon Music users in the US on iOS and Android.

Generative AI is not only enhancing productivity but also enabling new business models that challenge established market leaders.

AI-native enterprises like Eleos and Typeface are spearheading industry innovation.

Google Maps is taking steps to become more user-friendly for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. While it already offers various powertrain options for route calculations, such as gas, hybrid, and electric, the focus is now shifting toward providing essential information about chargers.

AI Tutorial

Create AI music with Udio

You can create amazing music tracks in seconds for FREE (at least for now).

  1. Go to Udio.com

  2. Sign in with Google/Discord/Twitter

  3. Type in a prompt

  4. Customize

You can give it your own lyrics, make it an instrumental, or add more specific genre tags to steer the generation.

  1. Click on Create and wait a few seconds

It will generate two completely different tracks.

  1. Remix, Extend, Share or Download

After the track is generated, you can click on "Remix" to get a variation of the track or "Extend" to lengthen the track by 30 seconds.

When you're satisfied with the result, you can share it through social media or download it.

🔥AI Tools to supercharge your productivity

  1. NoForm.ai is an AI-powered Sales Assistant designed to help businesses double their website leads.*

  2. fynk is an innovative contract management platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools

  3. Textero AI generates original drafts and suggests strong thesis statements in minutes.

  4. Kallo is a multi-LLM GenAI tool, where users can not only try different models but they can do so with their friends

  5. Verbeloquence.ai - Gamified sales, interview, negotiation, and debate practice

  6. Forewrite - Craft and enhance various content forms, including images, code, and speech-to-text

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⚡️Quick AI News Roundup

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A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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